Why dark chocolates?

Why dark chocolates?

You might have heard a lot about goodness of dark chocolates. But before we talk about it, what is dark chocolate? Forget about dark compound chocolates! They are not classified as dark chocolates. Dark compound chocolates has low cacao content (10-20%) and often uses ingredients with heavy dutching. Certainly not the kind of chocolates you would consider healthy treats. Dark chocolates are real cocoa butter chocolates with a minimum 65% cacao content. Dark chocolates has high flavonoids & phenolic content which have many health benefits. Here are some

1) protection from disease-causing free radicals
2) cancer prevention
3) improve heart health
4) good for overall cholesterol profile
5) better cognitive function
6) blood pressure & blood sugar aid
7) antioxidant rich superfood

Recommended dose of dark chocolate is 30g to 60g per day.

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