My Beans to Bar Adventure Part2: Malaysia Cacao

My Beans to Bar Adventure Part2: Malaysia Cacao

It was a great opportunity to discover and visit one of Malaysia leading cacao farm in Pahang just before the new year, 2018. Raub Pahang is famous in producing the TOP grade durian known as “Musang King” but it also home to some Malaysia TOP cacao farms. Koh Cacao Farm located in Raub Pahang has been producing quality cacao for 33 years. Run by a father and son duo, Koh Cacao farm has won the International Cacao Award “Cacao of Excellence” both in 2010 and 2011. Though cacao farming has been losing its popularity in Malaysia over the years due to high labor cost & low profitability, the Koh family has kept its focus on what they know best.


One of their TOP cacao breed is PBC130.  PBC130 was a cacao variety discovered by Hadison National Cocoa Research Center. This variety possesses a large pod and has large fruitful seeds embedded inside the pod. It has high cocoa butter content than other breeds and releases strong fragrances from its flower during the pollination period. This cacao variety is very rare as it is very susceptible to diseases.


The Koh family possess a unique management system in controlling the cacao diseases. One of their proudest invention is introducing a technique to crossbreed PBC130 with other cacao breeds with stronger defensive characteristics against cacao diseases. This way, they are able to preserve & grow this rare breed in their farm. The Koh family harvests, does fermentation, dries, packs & sells their cacao locally. All cacao beans produced from their farm are carefully selected to ensure good quality.


My mission is to produce chocolates using this rare cacao breed! Stay tune!

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